Power Cord for Rega Saturn-R and Elex-R

Hi All - Currently I have Shunyata Venom 3 power cables for my Elex-R and Saturn-R, however I don't like how the connection to the back of the unit is so loose.  Are there any recommendations for power cables that work well with these units and don't break the bank?  I had a Rega Mains at one point and preferred the Shunyata to it btw.  Thanks very much
Dont use duct tape, the adhesive will separate from the backing. Wrap the IEC with Teflon tape (plumber’s tape) to get a tighter fit.
No adhesive is used, then tie off the end.

@akg_ca Can you elaborate a bit further on the subjective improvements using the Rega Ref Power Cord in your system ?. As you have/had Rega components , this thread is several years old by now. It would be interesting to consider the possible benefits to adding this power cord to my existing Rega Aethos amp.