Power cord length

I upgraded all my power cords to Nordost Red Dawn. My cabinet sits directly in front of outlets. I have McIntosh MC830 monoblocks. Originally I purchased 2m lengths but don't like all the extra cord clutter so purchased a 1m length for left channel amp. After the fact I read Nordost spec sheet which stated minimum length 2m is recommended. Dealer stated "2m works the best for it to really filter". Also, both cords must be same length for "time alignment"; when using monoblocks "different length wires will sound slightly different". I am thinking to buy another 1m for right channel to solve timing thing and additional clutter cleanup. Ok, that's my situation- I am requesting explanations/opinions/knowledge/recommendations-  I read a similar post awhile back and  seek additional clarification. Thank you.


I don't dispute these claims but I've never been in a position to compare two identical cables of different lengths.

I can believe that PCs with built in conditioners are subject to improvement with length, but I don't want power conditioning PCs.

So I use US cables and plugs in a 230V zone, how does this work out?

Less voltage drop with 230V.....LOL

Hi. Its my expirien after trying a 2 mtr Ansuz D and a 4 mtr Ansuz D that the 4 mtr was better.
Like gdhprentive above also expiriences.

Acording to Ansuz they could however not hear that a 10 mtr compared to a 4 mtr was better.

Thats without knowing what system they tried this expirience on.

I think most of us know that the higher level system without any weak link in the chain, the more revealing all tweaks are.

so in a ultra highend system you must have min 2 mtr powercords in lower level system you might not get the benefit from the long powercabels.


Based on my experience, girth trumps length. You'll want the greatest isolation.



I spoke with Audioquest, who stated that "there is no difference in the cabling between braided and unbraided." I make the assumption that about one foot of cabling is wasted by braiding all the strands. They have lost quite a bit of dough by braiding!