Power Cord Revelation

Help me understand. I just upgraded my Rega Saturn stock power cord with a VH Audio Airsine. My God!!! I'm still shaking my head in amazement. I'm now a believer that the PC is the most important cable, starting with the source component.
You will get no real scientific explanations, only psuedo-science, but yes, it is real. I fought it for years before listening for myself about 6 years ago. I am now of the same mindset that you are, that the power cord makes more of a difference than interconnects or speaker cables.

Even after hearing and believing, I still can't understand why, after traveling miles through crappy wire, the last 6 feet would make any difference. I've learned to just file it under unexplained mysteries.

Trust your ears. Forget about all that other stuff. There's a lot of stuff we don't understand, doesn't mean it's not happening. Enjoy!
I don't have an explanation per se but I can concur with your results. While I'm not a cable critic as you can see from my system, I nevertheless failed to see the logic in spending money on power cords as the components I bought all have substantial power supplies and associated components. As you can see, I have what I would describe as a respectable system but recently I haven't been enjoying it at all and was beginning to suspect the preamp or the speakers might be the problem (which turned out to be unfair as I would soon find out).

In any case, I've been changing my power configuration around and now have only one wall receptacle to work with (230V/13A) from my earlier three receptacle configuration. To deal with this issues, I ordered a Hot Box from VH Audio (you can see the configuration below) as I needed four plugs. When the Hot Box arrived (fantastic packaging btw, it's nice to see that some people still take value such things) I immediately unwrapped it, plugged it into the wall and plugged the Wadia 861se GNSC Statement CDP and Mark Levinson 326S preamp in (stock PCs) and went back to my seat and hit play on the beautiful new Wadia remote. The improvement was not subtle. It's as if the front end said, FINALLY. I had no idea what a well designed power cord and receptacles could do that to a system. Vocals were more intelligible, instruments more defined, decay enhanced, the bottom end had more power and it was as if the whole system was louder (granted the bass was a little overpowering at first but has settled in). More important than all that was that the music was back, PRaT appeared from its deathbed; I can finally enjoy my system.

My experience with the Hot Box means that I'll definitely be ordering some Airsines to compare against the Transparent and MIT products I'll be demoing soon.

I know it sounds overboard but I haven't stopped listening to my system since the Hot Box and for that there are no words that can express my appreciation regarding Chris' products (he's also very patient and frank in responding to questions). At the end of the day, I'm at the point that the science, while nice to understand, is irrelevant when the results are this good. Logic am failed and I couldn't be happier.
Mootsdude,i totally agree with you, you just started bro,
wait till you replace your pc on your amp ,try DCCA
experiment see what you think,or even powerchord from
jayctoy, your comments about PCs making a difference is interesting to me. I have the Pass Labs XA160s and I have found PCs to make a very subtle difference, perhaps a bit more dynamic. I expected this as most amps have massive power supplies and filters. I don't pretend to understand what is going on here. I would love to hear your thoughts on what improvements you heard on your amps with a new PC? By the way, thats one thing about this hobby I love/hate...everybody has a different experience.