Power Cord Suggestion for Audio Aero Capitole

I'm using a CVH design PC on my CD player and fancy a move up the ladder. Does anyone have any recommendations up to around $300 used?


No specific brand/model suggestion. But whatever you get, make sure it has minimum 10AWG conductors. DACs and CDPs (with dacs) sound best with big conductor PCs, don't ask me why, it doesn't make sense. AND, make sure that PC has a floating shield (grounded at only the AC plug end.)
I have found that smaller PC conductors sound better. I just replaced my Hydra with a Pure Note Paragon PC ($300 on sale). The cord is thin in size but the bass foundation is excellent and there is no haze in the mid/high region.
I second the JPS Digital AC, I have one on my Capitole 11 CD player and also on my Marantz SACD player with very good results.
Rooze - I've recommended the JPS power cord to many, many customers, but in this case I don't think you would like the results with the Capitole. Try to come up with a used ESP Essence power cord for this setup - my customers with the Capitole and Prestige have raved about this combination more than any other pc that I know of.
The Capitole is wired with "Nirvana".
Try a "Nirvana PC-plus" power cord.They are very reasonably priced.
I think it is a good match with my MKII .
A million other cables to try.Could find some better ? Have fun.