Power cord suggestions for CDP and tube amp

I just purchased a Consonance Droplet 5.0 CDP and wondered what after-market cables are recommended for this player. I did read a thread about this from January of this year, but wondered if users had any more suggestions. I saw that Consonance actually makes cables as well, but found no opinions about their power cables here.

I would also like recommendations for a power cable for an Art Audio Carissa Signature tube power amp (this amp is not in the same system as the CDP.)

I can not afford thousands of dollars for these cables, I would prefer only paying $400-$500 for each - used is fine!

Oakiris : I am using the Nite 2 ( 20 amp dedicated line ) on mY Meridian cd player . You only need a 15 amp cord .
I am using Vh audio Flavor 4 cords on my Thor monos ( 15 amp cord on 20 amp ded.line ).
Feel free to e-mail me off line any time.I 'll be happy to help if I can...Good luck...
Power cable for CDP makes a big audible difference in how your system sound, in many cases even more so than cords for amplifiers. The important thing is knowing what you're trying to achieve with your system. Are you wanting more warmth and smoothness, or a faster and livelier system. Knowing your preference will make recommending a cable easier.
I really don't have any complaints about the way my system sounds now with stock cords. I've read a lot about how the "right" power cord can improve the sound of a system so I want to try some different cords to see if I can hear a - hopefully positive - difference.

A warm, smooth, fast & lively system sounds like what I want. :-) Are these really contradictory audio terms, or is such a system impossible to configure? Serious question - I have a lot to learn.

Call DON from DCCA,His power cables are one of the best,He can definitely guide you,very nice person to deal with.I
have used audience powerchord,VAN DEN HUL,VD,MIT,TSUNAMI.
Heard the VH.Good Luck.