Power Cord Suggestions REF 5se

Just got a recently purchased ARC REF5se back from the shop and really got to hear it for the first time. The output caps were replaced, due to a long story for another time. Anyway, it is fixed and working correctly. At the end of the first night I came to notice that the high end was a little....fatiguing after several hours. I suspect that some is due to the need of the caps to burn-in, could some perhaps be due to the factory pc?

I am currently thinking about a replacement pc and would like to get some suggestions from guys familiar with the 5se. I am running Pass 260.8 with it and had been using a LS27 before getting the 5se and the top end was not nearly as fatiguing.

As it is a 20a plug and I do not have any on hand to swap and try I am hoping someone has already gone through the task. As I am convinced that pc make a difference, I am looking for a couple of names that I should investigate and for a pc I think used is fine, as it will also limit the downside should it not mate well in my system.

I have spent hours looking and researching a half dozen so far, with literally hundreds more to go. I am hoping for a short list of cable manufacturers/models to keep an eye out for.

BTW-I would like to stay away for a discussion about the validity of cables, I am a believer so if you are not, that's fine. Let's take it from there.

I've been using Sain Line cords on my Ref 5se and Ref 2se for quite some time and they are definitely a sonic match with ARC gear.They just plain get out of the way and allow the equipment to reveal what it was designed to do.
HAve been checking out the Sain products, do they sell direct or through dealers? Difficult to get pricing on any options they have...like line length...

Emailed and so far have not heard back...
Get the sain line.  It is what arc uses.  I have two and have tried many.  They simply increase the positives without changing the signature.
As a follow-up, I ordered the Pure Current from Chris the other day, he said at the time it is 2/3 weeks out. So in a short time I will know the improvement. Thank you all for your input, and sorry it took so long, but obviously there have been other outside factors