power cords

do they make a big impact on video? say for a dvd player or plasma dsiplay...
They say so. I traded all of my home theater stuff in the early nineties and only deal in the stereo realm now. I've heard that the plasma display benefits from the better power cords, just as I'm sure the DVD player would the same as a CD player does. Take one out of your stereo and put it on the plasma TV and see what you think.
I have used DIY PCs on my computer monitor and the picture is better, they must help video too then.
In my limited experience, the effects seem to vary depending on the power cord. I use a couple of FIM Gold PCs on my audio setup (I find they do make a material difference here), but I tried on on my CRT projector and noticed no discernable difference. I'm now using a custom Belkin cable on my projector(way cheaper than the FIM), and I beleive there is at least a subgle difference, which may get more obvious over time (as the cablet is new/not-burned-in yet).
A VD's Master improved color saturation and 3-D effect vs a Harmonix Studio Master (all Wattgate) on my Denon 5900 and NEC plasma.