Power cords, AC line conditioners---preferences?

looking to purchase the above to enhance my system of CJ 250s and CJ pre ET 5---since little too sample and compare, input is appreciated.
RS DMitri is a main stay in my system and you can plug amps into it with no loss but with gains.
Kimber PK10AG Palladian power cords and Sound Applications line conditioner for my system. Musical bliss.
Actually in my system there was nothing worse than Cardas. They were just awful. I made my own power cables - Furutech F1 end with Accrolink cable...wonderful stuff.
Can't go wrong with Shunyata. Either the Hydra 2, 4, 6 or 8. I owned a Hydra 2, 4 and now have owned the Hydra 8 for a year and a half. The older models are dropping in price because of Shunyata's continual new lines that seem to come out every few years, but that doesn't mean the older models aren't worth a serious look. Try a Hydra 8, pair it with a nice power cord and you may be really suprised. Also very easy to resell. One tip, make sure the Hydra you buy has the newer copper outlets that they switched to in 2006 or so. The older models before that time have silver plated outlets that have proved to be a bit stringent in the upper registers for many people.

I've read Running Springs is terrific too.