Power cords and/or conditioners for Belles amp?

I have a Belles 150A Reference Amp and love it. I'm looking for power cords and a line conditioner to take even more advantage of its smooth, exquisitely natural tone. My system (AP Virgo III's Eosteric DV-50, Dodd battery operated line stage ) is very clean and natural sounding, and just spot on with classical and jazz recordings, but it can be a tad sharp with close miked recordings (e.g. Iron and Wine) and synthesized tones (e.g. Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes"). Also, the Belles seems to draw some serious juice on start up (the specs say up to 30 amps!), which has rendered my Running Springs Haley unable to serve as its line conditioner. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
I recall reading a very positive Stereophile review of the Belles, as auditioned in combo with silver based interconnects & speaker cabling. I tried both the 150A Hotrod and the 350A, but the synergy was just not happening with my rig so it was disappointing; lame really. I have no idea what year/month it was reviewed (many years ago) but you can probably search that out on their website to get a back issue.
Having owned the hot-rod, the one you have, and the 350 ref. I can tell you the 150ref is a toy compared to the 350. I know that sounds harsh to a 150 ref. owner but it is true as just the cost might indicate. I have since moved to the CJ premier 350 and latest Rowland 312 and each is a huge step up in resolution.---Don't shoot the messenger.
Don't expect a conditioner to help your amp,period.
Thanks for the first two replies. Davt, the Shunyata information does suggest that a 20 amp unit is what I need. The RS Haley is a 15 amp unit. BB, I'll search on line for older reviews. I've read most, but maybe I missed the S-Phile review. George, I'm not sure why I shouldn't expect a line conditioner to be of help. I've never seen one not help, and I've tried several over the years. Perhaps you're saying -- ditch the Belles like I did. Fair enough, though that isn't what I asked. Moreover, the CJ lists at $9500. Not really the same ball park. So maybe you're really saying: there are better amps. No doubt.
HI,I,had the belles 350A,ref, and after trying many PC,ranging from $600 up to $1700,the only two power chords that really make amp sing, was the Elrod esp3 signature, and the Audience e" version, witch you can find for $350 used
the audience was a little better on the midrange dept,
belles is great Amp, but is a little dark sounding for my taste, best interconnect to match that amp, is the XLO sig3,


Juan, many thanks. It's interesting that you find the Belles dark. What speakers were you using, and did you use digital or vinyl at the source? I ask b/c I don't find it dark in the least. But of course, an amp is just one piece in an ensemble. I'll look into the Elrod and the Audience. I've used both in earlier systems. Thanks again. John