Power cords: does length matter?

This is a serious question, however if you don’t believe that anything about power cords matter, and you feel the need to make a joke out of the question, feel free.

Anyway: I have noted that all the stock power cords that have been provided by the manufacturers for my equipment are about six feet long. After looking at various aftermarket power cords on the internet, I note that they can be ordered in various lengths from one meter on up.

I would think that the shortest possible power cord in any given application would be desirable (meaning one meter if it would work), but I find that a lot of notions I had about things like this are often wrong (such as what I very recently posted on misc about manually tripping breakers to protect components). So am I also mistaken about selecting lengths of power cords?

TIA for any and all legitimate consideration and answers to this question, and to all others, enjoy the laughs.


Not unless they are so long that there is voltage drop. That would apply only to high-powered amplifiers and terrible cords.

"In the dark all power cords sound alike!" Yes JasonBourne, especially if they are switched off.

@jeffreyw  I totally agree with you. I am using 2 Audioquest Dragon HC PCs for my ARC Ref 750s. One is a 2 m and the other is a 1 m. They both sound exactly the same. 

Interconnects and speaker cables matter and the power conditioner matters a lot. The power cord just needs to be shielded properly, reject noise and not act as a noisy antenna, which can be achieved through a 100 dollar AliExpress purchase. Length doesn't matter.