Power cords: Kimber Kable Palladium

Anyone have experience with the Kimber power cords.

I read an Audio Bacon review suggesting they have great timbre and tonal qualities.

Looking for a PC for my DAC


The Kimber Palladian are very quiet, mellow, good tonal balance, brightness is non existent.No wywires experience.


I do not have experience with the Palladium’s, but with the PK10 Gold which at the time was right below in the line.  The PK10 Gold is a very nice PC, but I found it a little soft, not being fast or revealing, pleasant but held back. When comparing to WyWires, even the Silver Series it was very evident. The WyWires breath, very extended and throw a huge stage which is really just dropping the noise floor, eliminating noise and getting out of the way. Very accurate cables, not overly warm/soft but not in your face either. One nice thing about the Kimbers is they are very flexible. Again, a nice PC and better than many but there’s better for the money too.

Have owned the pk 10 and 14 for years.

Love them and feel the description  would be quit, refined and smooth.

I have put Kimber Palladium power cords throughout my system.  Each time I upgraded it seemed as is a vail  was lifted and I was hearing the sound as it was meant to be.  I’ve not compared it with much more expensive cables, but very happy with my decision.  I use a D’Agostino Amp, CH Precision Pre-Amp, and a Lumin X1 Dac/Streamer.  I started using it with my Taurus Power unit.  I’m very happy with my decision.

I have never had Kimber PCs in my system, but one of the best system I have ever heard had Kimber cables throughout on $90K Khama speakers and about $50k of Conrad Johnson electronics. That room sounded better than the $1M + rooms at the same show, take that for what it’s worth