Power cords known to produce good bass

All the cable naysayers and deniers please step aside. We have heard your opinions more than enough already. Thank you.

Tell me if this train of thought is off base or not. I am observing that power cords made with a high strand count of fine gauge high purity wire can be very resolving, very refined sounding and very smooth sounding but, they do not provide good bass. Usually true? Yes or No?

Here's a couple of examples of power cord wire that I find fit the above description. Furutech FP-TCS21 and FP-SO22N, Acrolink 6NP4030 and 7NP4030 II. These are cables that are or were available in bulk for DIY application. I have pretty much done all the DIY cables that can be made using the ready made bulk wire that is on the market. 

Across three systems, I do have a lot of Transparent Audio power cords from the mm2 generation and the Gen 5 generation. All of them are re-terminated by me with Oyaide 004 cord ends.

I'm now looking for opinions about which other manufactured power cords are thought to have good bass. In particular I want to try something to go between the wall receptacles and power conditioners. At present I have two of the Acrolink 7NP40430 II cords in that position. High resolution but bass could be better.

Unfortunately, due to my hearing condition that is called hyperacusis, I'm extremely sensitive to brightness, harshness, shrillness, etc. etc., which means it is no dice on silver wire and most plated cord ends. Other than the Oyaide 004 ends, all of my cord ends and receptacles are un-plated copper.

So, any suggestions will be appreciated.

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All the cable naysayers and deniers please step aside.    We have heard your opinions more than enough already.

Thank you.

                                IMAGINE THAT (if you can)!

I find some arguments for and against cable’s interesting. 

if your rationale is why would the OEM not include the best cables - then you know the answer is ‘they don’t have to’ in order sell their products. 

That isn’t the same as cables not having an impact- it’s justification that the impact is incremental versus step change. 

Now better sound is the result from a revealing system that may include higher cost cables. 

@squared80  exclusively for you.  I, like you, at one time did not hear the difference between power cables and also wrote, like you, that this is nonsense.  But then I heard, and how I heard.  Advice to you, do not hear the difference and do not, just do not write everywhere that it does not exist.  

About the good bass from the cable.  There is a wonderful cable that is no longer manufactured, but is on sale, this is the "Eichmann Express Power Series 2".  What wonderful low frequencies he extracts from the power amplifier is simply fantastic.  I had this cable with Quad 909, now it costs with Quad artera stereo.  I sincerely advise you to try it, it is not expensive, you can find it on "eBay".

All the cable naysayers fan boys and deniers quantum/nano geeks please step aside. We have heard your opinions more than enough already.

Thank you.

One coin, two sides.


Milhorn for the price of your pc they should have a good bass.

Yes. My WTPC (and even low price WTPC evo) power cords have the right/accurate bass to match with the original music.

Generally, higher freq audio music makes listener’s feeling exciting and happy. And lower freq music makes listener’s feeling gloomy and sad/down. People who want more bass even with large woofers on speakers are often dealing with the audio noise. Interesting and pretty audio noise. Not the music. Their audio sound is not quiet the level of music. Simply, their audio sound is not touching the listener’s feeling or emotion. If it was the music with that low freq, they will be frightened or sad when they listen to it. Alex/Wavetouch