Power everything

Hi Goners!

Need some help from you guys in getting a definitive answer to this question:
Power conditioner or power regenerator?
Please be specific as to the benefits or drawbacks of each
Then finally what procedures might make for a more successful outcome then either one?

Thanks for your knowledge in advance as this question has always alluded me!
I understand your questions is about the values and differences between a power conditioner and regenerator. But, as mentioned previously you have to step back and review a few things.

1. Do you perceive any issues with the sound? dry?, lacks dimension? etc.
2. Is something wrong with your electricity? Lots of noise on the system? voltage fluctuates all over the place?
3. Do you hear noise on your system with no music playing? In other words, is the noise floor fairly high?

Before you start spending a possible ridiculous some of money on power conditioners and power regenerators, take it one step at a time.

Dedicated electrical lines are a must for a high end music system. A dedicated line consist of a hot, neutral and ground wire per dedicate line and does not share hot, ground or neutral with any other circuit all the way back to the electrical circuit breaker panel. A raised foundation house or a house with an attic and it is relatively easy and inexpensive to do.

This dramatically lowers the noise level/floor and helps eliminate the possibility of ground loops and noise interference from other electrical equipment in your house. Like lights, refrigerators, motors, etc.

Depending on how many amps you will be using dictates to me how many dedicated lines you should install. One dedicated line per amp (if you are using one amp now and the possibility exist whereby you may biamp or use two amps in the future, you should install another line in anticipation). Also, one dedicated line for the low level electronics. Pre-amp, turn table, cd player/transport, dac, tuner, etc. You can temporarily connect these elements to a multiple power outlet then to the dedicated line. Note, I said temporarily.

If your house isn't the first house off of the distribution transformer, your voltage will sag certain times during the day.

Once you install the dedicated lines, then listen for a period of time to your system. You should hear a marked improvement in sound and dramatic lowering in the noise floor.

If, after the installation of dedicated lines (my recommendation is three), then a power conditioner may be needed.

I demo'd the PS Audio PS600 power regenerator, transparent audio Power Isolator 8 and my existing Monster Power signature conditioner. Remember, all amps go directly into the wall unless your electricity is really all over the place and really noisy.

The PS Audio was an improvement over the Monster, However, the Transparent Audio unit was a dramatic improvement in the sound coming out of my system.

My point is, first dedicated line, then power conditioner/regenerator if needed.

Regenerator is needed only if your electricity voltage fluctuates all over the place and you really need stable voltage.

Condition is needed if after you install dedicated lines, the voltage is really noisy and requires cleaning up/conditioning.

Your electric company will come out free of charge and test your voltage to see if you have large fluctuations or excessive noise and if so, will change the feed to your house and the power transformer feeding your area. You just have to ask them (in writing) to do so.

take your time, think it through, don't buy until you test in your own home system and enjoy
Be sure to have separate lines for digital.
Experiment with an Equitech 2Q and let us know!
Try a used Sound Application unit for doigital.
PPlease inform us.
I run three dedicated, 20 amp # 10 romex,to my system.

One line into a Hydra 2 for the digital stuff(Esoteric X03,LSA volume)

Line two into a guardian 2 for my Steelhead and SME tt.

The third line is into a Furutech GTX d and into a Furman balanced power conditioner for my tube Acoustat servo amps.

I tried running the servo amps directly from the Gtx, but the tube amps like the extra filtering that the balanced power gives them.

I did not notice any loss of power or slam by doing this.
I find it sounds even more dynamic now that it did before.

So dedicated lines are the way to begin, but not the end when it comes to fixing your power.

There are lots of other areas to investigate relating to powering up the system.

The more I've tried the" stuff that can't make any difference", the more differences(for the better) I have found them to make.
I always felt that something like the Blue Circle Thingee conditioner did no discernible damage to the power after trying it. In fact, it sounded a little bit better with everything plugged in. No shrinking of the soundstage, no limiting of dynamics, and a clean and clear background.

Before that I felt that the best way for the amp was to plug it directly into the wall and forget about it. Could it be that what I heard was due to the limiting effects of a mid price power cord and that a better one for the amp to the wall would be a step up and worth it?

I presently have two Zu Mission PCs for amp and SACD player and a Cullen PC for the wall to the conditioner. I'm considering a Cabledyne PC just for the amp to the wall. It was not my intent to hijack this thread but felt that my situation mirrors lots out there as well as the OP's.

All the best,
I will concur w/ bombbay as above-

I, too, use a Richard Gray Pro400 conditioner. These prodcuts are outstanding and do not "steal" current from your system. Azjake- did you find a conditioner?
If so, which one did you buy? Keep me posted & Happy Listening!