Power for Thiel 7.2

Would two (2) Classe Ca 301 in mono mode be enough (600 w at 8 and 1200 at 4) or a single Krell stereo mode at 400 w channel 8 ohm 800 4 ohm.
Which way to go?
Hello all.

This is exactly my question in fact... Recently purchased a pair of 7.2 to replace my Maggie 3.6

My ML 27 suddenly blew one channel.

Desperate to replace with a new amp, budget will only allow me either MC402 or Pass X250.5.

What's the experience with either please? Would MC402 be too slow if run with Cardas Golden reference (DV50s & ML26)? And is 250W just not enough? The anaemic 100W ML27 certainly pumped out no bass what so ever... It also lacked depth.

Sounds silly, but I won't get a chance to audition the MC402, so your input will be very much apreciated, have only heard MC402 with JMLab 927Be special edition.

Small group jazz, vocal.

Many many thanks
At the risk to appear off-track here,...I'm powering my CS6 with ARC VT100MKII and I found this a great match! Are we sure that Thiel must have Solid state infinite power amplifiers? I would consider Reference 300 as my dream. Did anyone out there share my experience?
Check out my thread, here you find some advices.
I strongly suggest to avoid Mac. I had 402 powering my thiel 2.3 and it just couldn't rock. I found it to be slow dynamicaly compressed with very poor bass responce and slam. It was generaly puting me to sleep. The only nice thing was midrange texture, sweet and organic.
But guess what? I got that and a lot more with SIMAUDIO W5 wich is so much better amp then MAC that it is like comparing hifi with true hi-end stuff.
I cannot comment on Pass as I never had it.