Power isolator versus need for a better Power supply

I have a transparent power isolator, and a component with a Wall wart power supply.

If I plug the wall wart into the power isolator, does this precluding need to replace the wall wart for a better Power supply (ie. Ifi, etc). Doesn’t Power isolator clean things up before electricity arrives at the Wall wart?

I asked this question and didn't get a very good answer from the dealer that would be selling me a Power supply to replace the wall wart assuming I need to do it




You are talking about two different things. A wall wart in general is crap for hifi usage and a Power isolation device won’t change that. 
I’m looking at getting an S Booster power supply for my streamer to give me cleaner power.


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All wall warts are not created equally which makes sense. I have a streamer, the lumin x1, and it comes with a separate Power supply that's supposedly is quite good. 

But when it comes to a Quality switch or even a nucleus, spending 300 to $1000 or more for a power supply seems a bit crazy. All these lesser costly peripheral pieces of equipment that are touted as needing power supply improvement that will cost 300 to $2000 or even more it's pretty horrifying and likely ridiculous.  

if it really works guess i need to spend nearly $1000 to improve the quality of a switch and a nucleus.  Add this is after spending a lot of money on the power conditioner.  

simple answer: no. The wall wart creates its own noise. BTW it creates noise for what it powers and also feeds some noise back into your other stuff, since its on the "clean" side of your isolator.


If you can get some linear power supplies for each you will be good. Besides not creating noise they have continuous clean power. 
An example is if you unplug your wall wart your switch or Nucleus go dead instantly. If you plug them into an SBooster and you unplug it from the wall there is about 15 seconds of power left in the caps. In the end you always have clean constant volts going into your device which really helps with consistent sound and preventing noise. 
Two of these are about $800-$900. Then I would at least change your wall outlet to a hospital grade. Besides better material you get a much tighter fit when plugging you Transparent into it. Basically what Mike was talking about above. So for less than $1000 you can make a big difference. 
If you cannot upgrade your Grounding and power system from the outside in the check o

Out Puritan products like the PSM 156 and the GroundMaster City. It will really impress you. Really great if you are in an environment that doesn’t allow you to rewire your power. You can isolate you from all of your neighbors and even yourself like from your DVR or refrigerator. I hope this helps.