Power Line Conditioners

I am fairly uneducated to the power conditions although I currently use a Panamax 1000+ in my system. Do all components need to go through the unit or simply the amps. I like the PS 300 but it only has 4 outlets. Please help me understand this subject better if you have the time. Thank you. Rick
Unless you have excessive or unusual noise I wouldn't use a pc, my suggestion is to go with quality aftermarket cords like BMI here at audiogon if possible. Also critical are dedicated lines for all your equipment - that can make a huge difference.
The PS Audio PP-300 outlets are used for source components and not amps.The four outlets will accomodate most audio systems and an add on extension box from PS Audio is available,but I think that a low cost Vans Evers Companion should work just fine.An internal fan currently available,can be purchased from PS Audio that will allow it to run cooler(but I have no concern about that so far with my 9 month old unit) and as far as unacceptable hum is concerned,this has occured on some of the earlier units and P S Audio will service any units that have this problem, through their transferrable warranty.These units also incorporate exceptional surge protection that is superior to many units(check their site for more details).A used PP 300 can occasionally be found for between $750.-$900.and sounds superior to any of the many PLC s that I have owned and have auditioned in my system.If you are not looking to buy the PP-300 power regenerator then the best sounding PLC that I ever heard,as well as owned within 1 k was a Vans Evers model 83 Reference.There are some special plc's dedicated for most power amps that are not high current and will protect as well as enhance the sound ,especially plugged into a dedicated line with a top Hubbell outlet.Happy hunting !
It sounds like I should definitely plug all my power amps directly into the wall, if I do this obviously I will not have any surge protection. Is this what I should do. What should I do about my other components as far as surge protection goes. I have 4 amps, DVD, LD, DAC, Preamp, DD/DTS processor, EX processor. Thanks to all who have responded, it has been very educational to me so far. Rick
all of you folks are trying to get some magical upgrade by using products that add noise to your circuit. sorry, all of 'em do, whether you spend 200 or 2000 $$. you don't need a surge protector if you have a decent amp with built-in circuit protection. save your money and use it to upgrade from mid-fi. alternatively, rewire your house, isolating and star-grounding your audio components.
Plug all your source components minus amps into the Panamax. Experiment. Do the amps sound better in the wall or in the Panamax? May have to install more outlets for the 4 amps.