Power regenerators on pre / digital - any downsides?

Hi all,

I get the problems with driving power amps from mains regenerators, this can dull the sound if the unit can't provide enough power. I've had my sound utterly ruined by mains filters too, strangling my amps. 

So on to the question, is there any downside to regenerators for pre amps and digital kit, i.e. those units that don't draw much power? I see a lot of interest in power cables but I was thinking about fixing my mains. 

Thanks, Tim
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I like a regenerator on my pre and DAC, but it also works for my 300 watt mono amps, too.  You just need a big one!  I am using a PS Audio P20 and find it delivers very consistent musical performance in my system, and no digital hiccups during air conditioning season (was a big problem for me before!).
Everything, including 350 watt mono amps, is plugged into a PS Audio P20.  Sounds great.  It barely moves the needle on the P20.
Thanks v useful! The lower power ones are cheaper and could be worth a try so considering Dac / Pre for now. 
I'm using a power plant 3 for my streamer, DAC and preamp and noticed a nice improvemennt. I have a solar system on the roof and I don't think the inverter generates particularly clean power. The PP3 made everything sound a bit clearer.