Power Snake Mamba vs. Synergistic Master

Anyone had a chance to compare the Mamba vs the Master Coupler head to head? Opinions?
I have owned a number of power cords. Including Mamba,SR Master Coupler, NBS Statement II, Electriglide Reference Glide, and the BMI Eel Reference Custom. All excellent power cords and improved areas in my all Levinson system with the new Wilson Watt/Puppies VI speakers. But overall sound characteristics, build quality/construction and most importantly for the money/value the Eel came out ahead of the pack.
Although I have not tried some of the others mentioned above, the Electraglide works wonders on my Joule preamp. Also improved my [highly modded] CD player (thought not as much - ended up using Techline on it), but neither worked as well on solid state amps - using TG Audio there with great results. I'd therefore recommend Electraglide on the preamp, something a little cheaper (but made for front end pieces) on the digital. Don't have any experience with cords for tube amps so I won't comment. You're on the right track - big improvements changing cords!
I bought a couple of Synergistic Master Couplers, and took one of them apart. Then I build my own version using a Wattage 320 IEC connector, a Hubbell 5266 AC connector, and five feet times three of 12 guage solid core ground wire with polyproplene tube as the dielectric. Voila! It sounds exactly the same as the AC Master Coupler. Total cost for materials was $35.00. But don't tell anyone else about our little secret, okay? Cheers.
Alexc, I did try the EEL on my transport and dac, when I did that I had to put the SR on the amp, the bass got a little heavy and slower. I prefer the EEL on the amp, it really changes the whole soundstage, ie, deeper, better imaging and increased clarity on the top and especially the bottom end - I know the front end is usually where PC's make the biggest difference so go figure. My preamp power cord is not detachable. I think what I probably need is the EEL on my front end and amp.
Thanks. I just successfully bid on a pair of five foot Eels. Brian was indeed a pleasure to deal with. A down to earth, straigthforward guy. if the cords are half as good as you and other claim, I'll be keeping him busy over the next couple of months :-)