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Ok, so this may seem off the wall.  I am a professional guitar player and my best friend and roommate is a hardcore audiophile.  Long story short I used one of his power cords to plug my Marshall into the power and noticed an immediate change in the sound of the amp.  To my somewhat horror I realized that I am going to have to do a serious upgrade in power cords, patch cord connectors, etc which I've done largely by using Mogami cords for my effects and guitar which are a substantial upgrade that will do for now.  I purchased my roommates used power cords when he upgraded his for his sound system.  

I need to get a power strip or multi-plug station that plugs into a traditional electrical outlet.  While gigging I have to use what electrical is available.  Since I am an extreme neophyte I don't even know where to begin so any advice would be greatly appreciated

On that very suggestion from Al I bought two of them.
Very well built, nice and compact( if that matters on stage?).
Should hold up to gigging fairly well I would have thought.
I use a similar Wiremold on my HiFi rig. They are transparent and do not colour the sound. Heavy duty construction and contain no filtering, so will not clean the power at a gig.

@hilde45 and @uberwaltz, thanks very much for the nice words. However as stated in his latest post @bukirob is looking for a power strip providing noise filtering and surge protection. The Wiremold strip linked to in hilde45’s post, which I had suggested for a different application in a previous thread, does not provide either function. It is simply an outlet multiplier.

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