Power strip recommendations

My Panamax power strip with surge protection quit working after about 15 years or more of use. What would you recommend for a replacement? This will be for my home theatre system (receiver, TV, BluRay, etc.). I don't need surge protection or noise filtering. Just good solid construction, tight receptacles, heavy gauge wiring.






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What is this equipment currently plugged into?  A single 15 or 20 amp breaker? As you state surge protection and filtering are not an issue, I should think Amazon will have lots of items that would work for under $100.   Again, based on your comments, I can't see the need or sense in buying anything "audiophile".  IMHO

The two duplex outlets nearest to the system are split, with one outlet of each connected to a wall switch. So I have just two unswitched sockets for my equipment. The outlets are on a common 15amp circuit. I'm not looking for audiophile, just a good quality strip.