Power strip recommendations

My Panamax power strip with surge protection quit working after about 15 years or more of use. What would you recommend for a replacement? This will be for my home theatre system (receiver, TV, BluRay, etc.). I don't need surge protection or noise filtering. Just good solid construction, tight receptacles, heavy gauge wiring.







Wisdom powersrtio ES 10 is a good one. I have one.Audio envy seems has a good one as well.

Furman PST-8 

A bit more than a power strip.

(Shop around for your best price on the internet)

Signal Cable…phenomenal quality and ridiculously fair price!  Call Frank…he is the real deal and wonderful to work with.

Everyone needs surge protection, IMHO.  Your Panamax probably saved your equipment more often than not which is why you are replacing it now.

I recommend Furman with SMP and LiFT,


but if that's all too much for you, then any industrial power strip.