Power strip recommendations

My Panamax power strip with surge protection quit working after about 15 years or more of use. What would you recommend for a replacement? This will be for my home theatre system (receiver, TV, BluRay, etc.). I don't need surge protection or noise filtering. Just good solid construction, tight receptacles, heavy gauge wiring.







Op, your equipment and therefore your call, but I agree with a few others that I wouldn't passing on surge protection.  If you reconsider that I would recommend looking into a ZeroSurge unit. They are non sacrificial,  and also filter

Brick wall is a solid buy for around $300

was rated a B in stereophile for years 

Shunyata Venom PS10 power strip! It punches above itself and has its own power cable built in.


I have a couple of these for my stereo:

"Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector - 6 Rotating AC Multiple Outlets, Flat Pivot Plug - Heavy Duty Wall Outlet Extender for Home, Office, Travel, Computer Desktop & Phone Charging Brick (1,080 Joules)"

They convert a dual gang plug into a six outlet with protection.

And one of these for my AV system:

"Belkin Surge Protector Power Strip w/ 8 Rotating & 4 Standard Outlets - 8ft Sturdy Extension Cord w/ Flat Pivot Plug for Home, Office, Travel, Desktop & Charging Brick - 4320 Joules of Protection"

This one has enough outlets for all the AV gear.

Tight plugs, good construction. Good luck!

Happy listening.