Power Strip

Hi All,
I am planning to run a separate dedicated power line from the fuse box in my apartment to power my audio equipment and I am looking for a high quality plug to terminate the power line and also a power strip that provides separate wiring (phases) to each outlet.
Recommendations much appreciated.
I am selling my Synergistic Research QLS-9 outlet line distribution strip. 9 Quantum tunneled Teslaplex single outlets with no conditioning, surge protection, nothing, just outlets. If your interested on Canuckaudiomart. Works excellent and has its own detachable cord. I just dont need nine now....
I've had great results with the Nordost QB-4 and then the QB-8 power strip. It increased the speed and dynamics of my system. It does not alter the sound in any other way. I attribute the change to the star earth grounding system and the lack of power filtration systems. I added a surge protector on my main home breaker box to cover that issue.
You certainly have a very impressive system. At that level, if you don't want a power conditioner, the Audience PDC has no filtering or surge protection and their products are superb. I would definitely consider one of their Teflon-cap conditioners if you're so inclined, although I realize some people are against these things for whatever reason.
Thanks for the kind words Chayro. I have a purepower 2000 on the front end but intend to install a dedicated line for my power hungry monoblocks and need 4-5 outlets so want to run this line to a high quality power strip with no filtering. Surprisingly there do not seem to be too many options. I will check out the Audience product you recommend. I really do need to improve the power side of things in my system.