Power supply caps

OK, I'm not trying to start an all amps sound alike type thing, but I would like to know if anyone has actually heard this. Not theory or speculation, but actually replaced caps on their equipment.

Will upgrading/replacing old caps in a phono pre-amp's separate power supply have any effect on sound? I'm getting ready to recap my 20+ year old phono pre and wonder if the caps in the power supply should be run of the mill or high quality? If they make a difference, then fine, but if the PS caps won't have an effect on sound, I don't want to waste the money.

Thanks for the help.
Thanks guys. I have been slowly coming to the conclusion that literally everything matters, so I sort of figured that the PS caps would matter. I'll probably replace the PS caps before replacing the ones in the pre, since the ones in the pre aren't exposed to much heat. Then I will be able to tell for sure how much difference the PS caps make.
Don't forget to unplug and make sure capacitors are completely discharged before touching them.
Not all caps are equal in size either so do your homework and make sure they will fit.
I'm having trouble finding caps with the correct values. I need 4700uF 50VDC, 470uF 63VDC, and 1000uF 25VDC. Couldn't find them on Parts Connection, Parts Express, or Madisound. Any suggestions where to find them would be appreciated. I'm doing googles now to try to find a source.
Try Michael Percy Audio. He shows tow out of the three. Also has a 4700uf 63 VDC which will work fine.

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