Power supply caps

OK, I'm not trying to start an all amps sound alike type thing, but I would like to know if anyone has actually heard this. Not theory or speculation, but actually replaced caps on their equipment.

Will upgrading/replacing old caps in a phono pre-amp's separate power supply have any effect on sound? I'm getting ready to recap my 20+ year old phono pre and wonder if the caps in the power supply should be run of the mill or high quality? If they make a difference, then fine, but if the PS caps won't have an effect on sound, I don't want to waste the money.

Thanks for the help.
Thanks Ait, I'll check them out. I saw the Panasonic's as wondered about them. Good to know someone who uses them.
Ebay is where I got mine, I just needed replacements though. Hard to find somewhere to buy a few, they wanna sell you 1000 pcs.
Yeah, I've noticed that. It's also proving hard to find all three in the same brand. I've found several that make two out of three, but not all three values. I'm not against mixing brands, but I figured having all the same would be better than hoping for a good mix and match.
I need to open up the phono and see what values I need there too. I was just gong to do the PS and see what the difference was, but with sourcing proving to be this tricky, I figure I should go ahead and order all the caps at once.