Power supply poll for Chord Qutest

I’m looking for experience-based opinions here on which linear power supplies Agoners have found to provide the greatest benefit when used with Chord Qutest DAC. I have personal experience with upgraded MCRU and Swagman Labs supplies in different applications, and have been quite happy.

Here are the models I am currently considering:

-MCRU - Option 2

-Swagman Labs SE


-Teddy Pardo MiniTeddy 5/2

My budget is under $500. If you swear by other lps products you’ve used with the Qutest DAC, I would be interested to hear about it. I have several different PCs on hand to try with a new lps. FWIW, I tried a 5v ifi XPOWER switching supply I have on hand, and it sounds awful with the Qutest, but sounds very good in other applications, including with a Chord Mojo2.

Thanks in advance for your input.



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A ordered a LHY for my RME from TEK Electronics in the US on

Jan.12. Order sent to LHY in China for properly configured

unit. I received the piece today, less than one week. No time to listen

but turnaround service was quite impressive as is build quality.


I just plug mine in to a furman power conditioner. Maybe I’m missing something? Sounds great to me. 

Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO MKII for me, I find I use the incisive neutral filter more than before. Prior to the Booster I almost always listened to it warm and rolled off.

Thanks for your input folks.

@mickeyb, you might be missing something.  Converting any switching power supply in your system to linear supply has the general benefit of getting noise out of your mains that even your Furman can’t completely clean up.  And the benefits of a good power supply to digital gear is usually significant and immediate.  That’s why you rarely see switching supplies in very high end audio gear.  Look into it.



I prefer a Channel Islands LPS to an Sbooster on the Qutest. A Small Green Computer LPS sounds just fine too.