Power supply successfully powered up. Here is my Orchard Audio StarKrimson project


Very nice! 👍👍

What is the transformer specs? Would you tell us more about the soft start circuit?



The transformer is Avel Lindberg Y236950, 1000VA, 120+120 primary, 25+25 secondary. It just about fits in the enclosure which is specifically made for the StarKrimson. I still need to add a rubber pad to the top of it just in case it forms a turn using the aluminum box enclosure. That would be fun no LOL ?

The capacitors are 8 x 15,000uF 63V 105 degree caps. Diodes are 100 amp diodes (STTH100W06CW 2 x 50) and they seem to have a slightly higher fwd voltage drop than usual, necessitating the heatsinks.

The inrush current limiter has 50 ohm (20 + 20 + 10), 10A, 38mm (500 joule) thermistors. I chose this since the amp will also have to work with 240 Volts mains too.

The delay timer is macromatic 10 amp (120/240 universal control voltage) THR-3 model. It will be set to about 3-4 seconds delay. I will adjust this by experimenting.

The PSU board itself is from Jim's audio:



Thanks for sharing the detailed information about your project👍, please keep us updated with your progress!