Power tubes for the VAC 300.1

I'm the proud owner of a VAC 300.1A stereo amplifier. I'm thinking of changing the 8 KT88 power tubes to Gold Lion. According to the manual they claim buying the tubes from VAC is prefered over using other brands. Has anyone else here used alternate tubes rather than the VAC branded tubes in their 300.1?
Hi Chris, there was a pretty good thread associated with the Sigma160i a few weeks ago about VAC and current production KT88 tubes.
I was pleased with Psvane's, but they recently changed their production specs to a higher voltage plate, causing nothing but problems in my VAC Phi 300.1

Call VAC and talk to Brent or Kevin.  They will give you honest insight into what is presently working well.  Previously they stocked and recommended the Shugie KT88SC but production quality became an issue. 
I preferred the sound of the Shuguang KT88SC to Gold Lions in my Phi 200, but they were not as dependable as the GL's.   Not horrible reliability by any means, you just had to have a spare or two handy just in case.