Powercord for McCormack DNA 500

Does anyone know whether the McCormack DNA 500 takes a 15 or 20 iec?

I have an Audience Powerchord 20amp. It transforms this amplifier. A must audition for all DNA-500 owners.
VH Audio AirSine works very well and should be a must audition.

Since VH Audio offers a 60 day trial period, you can judge for yourself.

Chip Stern was using a JPS Labs Aluminata while doing his review for 6moons.com. Bit expensive, but he swears by it to this day.
If you want to get the best that the DNA-500 has to offer, I strongly recommend that you try DCCA's Extreme Reference power cord. You'll be amazed what it does for the amp. You probably won't be returning it after the 30 day trial that Don gives!
I strongly agree with 1markr, you will not return it.
or You will end up buying more.So far there is no
one for sale at Agon, except from Don, the designer
and maker of the DCCA.
I found the Acoustic Zen Krakatoa to be a good one for the DNA 500. Not a big improvement over the stock power cable, but a noticeable improvement in clarity in the mids and highs. Worth the price for me.