Powercord to tame brightness and add musicality

I have an all Krell system: Krell 28c, Krell KCT and Krell 450amps. What can I use on my cdp to add musicality and lessen digital brightness.
I am using Epiphany currently and might try the Anaconda Vx for my system needs to be more musical. Thanks
"no power cord is going to set you free with that brightness problem".

You forgot to add, IMHO, no?

I'd have to disagree. If you've owned Shunyata King Cobra's and such, maybe they didn't work in your system. They sure smoothed out a bright preamp I had once. Of course it's gone now. I doubt your YBA is bright, though.

Yes, many find the Krell gear bright, but if he wants to keep it, there are ways of taming it.
Cardas interconnects and speaker cables are another option, IMHO.
Using cables and power cords as tone controls isn't the preffered method, but it is an option.

John, I agree with you about cables and power cords as "tone controls" not being "the preffered method." I suppose that's the way if you don't want to give up your existing gear. I just wouldn't go that way...

BTW, IMHO? forgive my ignorance...
Hi Nick,

You may want to investigate whether the brightness you are experiencing is the result of vibration contamination. If it is (and I have found that one of the sonic symptoms of some types of vibration is an elevation in the brightness region), you may be doing yourself a disservice by trying to manipulate the system and reduce the brightness by changing cables or power cords. If the brightness is caused by vibration but you change cables to try and tame it, the system may actually sound dull or lifeless when you do get around to controlling the vibration correctly.

Best Regards,

Barry Kohan

Disclaimer: I am a manufacturer of vibration control products.