Powered Minimus 7 substitute

Looking for powered/active speakers to replace my wired Minimus 7s as I want to make the remotes wireless.


Ideally the remotes have a similar sound signature to the Minimus 7s and fill the remote area - clear and crisp in all frequencies, even at low volume. The current sub delivers enough bass, so no need for the remotes to go super deep. 

Currently the mains and remotes together fill the room nicely.


I have Q500 and a 12” Klipsch sub as front speakers, powered by a Yamaha R-2000 and I recently got two Wiim Pro Plus and one Mini four sourcing everything and syncing mains and remotes. Large open space, no particular listening spot.

My budget is max $500 (for new or used).


I tested a pair of used LSX (first gen). I’m not thrilled with them. Finicky. Given the price tag and hype very disappointing! 


On my list so far:

Vanatoo T0

Kanto Tuk

Fluance Ai61

Kali Lp-6

Edifier S2000Pro

Peachtree M25

Borea BR03 BT

Audioengine HD5 or HD4

JBL 305P

- Open to other suggestions


Can’t try them all of the above listed speakers, so I rely on reviews by actual users. If you have listened to one or compared or owned more than one on the list, please share.


Appreciate it! 

Thank you in advance. 



Minimum 7's...blast from the past. I had a pair of Maximus 7's. In the walbut fibish, no less.


The original Dynaudio BM 5 sounds great. The Mark II and III not as much. I think it's still available new. I've seen used for $250