Powered speakers show audiophiles are confused

17 of 23 speakers in my studio and home theater systems are internally powered. My studio system is all Genelec and sounds very accurate. I know the best new concert and studio speakers are internally powered there are great technical reasons to design a speaker and an amp synergistically, this concept is much more important to sound quality than the vibration systems we often buy. How can an audiophile justify a vibration system of any sort with this in mind.


You do you man. 

If being totally restricted in regards to amplification and speakers are your thing?

Then go for it.  I enjoy switching out components for different music and to tinker. 

Great for pro audio use and in studios or for those who want simplicity in a system but most audiophiles want outboard amplification. Also many don’t want to bin a speaker setup because one amp failed inside. My experience with powered speakers failing is fairly vast and while with a few I could repair or replace amps most are junk after just 1 amp fails in a stereo pair. I have built actives but I outboard amplification because of this.

Very few statement systems have powered drivers with the exception of low frequency drivers in some cases. I can't say I ever heard a powered studio monitor that made my jaw drop, they are really made to be working loudspeakers not home playback systems. Don't confuse decent working performance with the stunning sound of large home audio loudspeakers. 

So how do you protect the amplifier inside the speaker from the rear waves off the drivers. That rear wave is equal too the wave coming from the front of the speaker?