Powered speakers show audiophiles are confused

17 of 23 speakers in my studio and home theater systems are internally powered. My studio system is all Genelec and sounds very accurate. I know the best new concert and studio speakers are internally powered there are great technical reasons to design a speaker and an amp synergistically, this concept is much more important to sound quality than the vibration systems we often buy. How can an audiophile justify a vibration system of any sort with this in mind.










had a pair of Roland M3? i think, powered hooked to our old computer, those things rocked! lasted over 20 years.

First, a speaker company is not an expert at amps. Most active speakers likely use Class D amps. Most Class A amps and all tubes amp outperform the speaker amps. No such thing as tuning an amp to a speaker either. It that active speakers can sound very good, but there is better with discrete components. Over at Steve Hoffman forum the active speakers owners stated nothing for any amount of money can outperform an expensive active speaker and I am 10 years behind the times. I dropped Steve Hoffman forums and will not ever post there again- ignorant bunch of fools.

fisher_400 The principle is the amplifier and speaker should match in a very intimate way. If the amplifier designer has no idea what speaker is eventually going to be used for the music I would say that designer is throwing darts. I don't think this is controversial at all, I would say that an amp doesn't have to be designed for the speaker inside the cabinet of the speaker its self but for the system to be it's best the speaker and amp must be designed for each other. Who could disagree with this idea if the speaker has 5 drivers 2 drivers and the crossovers are passive, active or hybrid the amplifier may not be able to be all that it needs to be for that speaker, amps designed for LF are different than amps designed for HF. I actually never got to my planned point in this discussion because so many people couldn't even understand the obvious premise of the starting point. It's been a little frustrating. Also Im not talking about cheap D amps stuffed into any old speaker I'm talking about best practices.


Well said Donavabdear!  
Does anyone, even the most passionate Audiophile, think the amp is more important to the end sound than the transducers?