Powered speakers show audiophiles are confused

17 of 23 speakers in my studio and home theater systems are internally powered. My studio system is all Genelec and sounds very accurate. I know the best new concert and studio speakers are internally powered there are great technical reasons to design a speaker and an amp synergistically, this concept is much more important to sound quality than the vibration systems we often buy. How can an audiophile justify a vibration system of any sort with this in mind.


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I realize most subs are active speakers but this topic belongs in a new thread, (Bassaholics Anonymous?) Can we get back to the thread topic of active speakers and the confusion surrounding them?

I second the opinion that horn loaded subs in the corners are hard to beat.  I use Bill Fitzmaurice designed HT Tuba corner horn loaded subs.  They are 18 cubic feet each.  In my fully horn loaded DIY DEQX DSP equalized system the output at 25 Hz is identical to the output of the 1 kHz reference tone with a roll off of about 18 dB/octave below 25 Hz.  I use 96 dB/octave roll offs for all crossovers.

Resonances at room modes were a problem so I sacrificed seven or eight dB of sensitivity with the subs to EQ by pulling down peaks.  The horn loaded subs are so sensitive that after that seven or eight dB reduction they still have a sensitivity of 96 or 97 dB.  The  final result is very tuneful, powerful, articulate bass that goes way down deep.

@kingharold , the pics look stunning in your virtual system, beautiful wood finishes.

@kota1 I need your help. I have 2x JL Audio Fathom f113v2 Subs and they hum, this is the worst thing about powered speakers. They have 3000W amps, I have spent a fortune in power 2x P20 power regenerators from PS Audio. The subs hum doesn't change when I unplug the audio. Both speakers sound the same and I didn't buy them at the same time, I can be stupidly picky but have you ever heard of these subs or perhaps big amps in small boxes being noisy?