Powerful, smallish floorstanders with high WAF?

Looking to upgrade from Focal Profile 918s to something more muscular, but they can't be a ton bigger or uglier.  Running with Halcro MC70 and can devote two 200 watt channels to each speaker, also with a REL R528 sub.  Any suggestions?  Totem Earth and Metal are appealing, but pricey.   
I have the Focal 918 profile' and went to the Sonus Faber Venere 2.5 in walnut and the wife was very pleased with the looks. In sonics, they are much livelier and balanced than the 918's. The bass is very similar, but the midrange is... beautiful. The highs are very well extended and smooth. Not smooth in a bad way, but the cymbals sound like brass instead of steal. I don't regret the Venere's at all.
My gloss black with silver trim KEF Ref One’s, which I’m selling soon. Take a look at my system.
We At Sunny's have several options for you.

Eggleston Works Andra at $10995.00 a pair. MINT !
Wilson Sophia 3 -- $ 10,500.00

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Take a look at Spatial M4s.  Smallish, and you can get them in girly white rather than muscular black.  See the review elsewhere in the forum, but suffice to say that they're real price-performers.