Practicality of footers to isolate turntables.

Hallo everyone. I've just acquired my most recent tt/arm upgrade, and it's a keeper for life. As with all things audio, it's now time to tweak.
I've been getting into the concept of footers to isolate and drain unwanted vibrations, and Equarack stuff fits my budget nicely (Wave Kinetics/Magico just too pricey). However I can't see how the concept works with a tt that has a separate motor pod, surely there are balance issues for a start that don't apply to large boxes like amps etc.
My tt has three spiked feet which obv. can accommodate a footer each, but the motor pod is separate, triangular in plan, 5"-6" each side with slightly assymetric weight distribution.
Any solutions to this conundrum?
Big Brass footers from EdenSound spiked into a very thick maple board will do it. Have Edensound make a platform for your motor and put it on the board too. Vibration will be minimalized.
For an unsuspended table with an outboard motor, put the entire assembly on top of a single thick maple butcher block and elevate the butcher block from the rack with 5-6 soft industrial springs. Clamp your stock footers tightly up against the TT plinth to improve coupling down into the butcher block. The springs below the butcher block will provide decoupling, and can be easily moved around to level the turntable and air bearing toneaarm. I have a similar set-up with a VPI TNT and outboard motor and flywheel. The springs are clustered to deal with the lop-sided weight distribution. $200 does it and you won't look back.
HI Peter,

I hear the Vibraplane is way better than the sandboxes some of us use. That is a good point about centering the mass on a spring-based system. I suppose there are more trade-offs between the Minus K and Vibraplane that you may have found while deciding which way to go. While I appreciate the quality of the pump supplied with the ELpF, I also like the idea of being untethered.
Check out Silent Running Audio (SRA). Their Ohio bases and platforms are custom made specifically for your component or turntable. Same $ or less than a Minus K.
Or you could try a wall shelf. They work amazingly well. The knee-jerk reaction is often that you cannot fit a wall shelf into your decor, but you'd be surprised.