Pre Amp break-in balance issue

I just got a Luxman C700U pre amp to go with a Sanders Magtech amp and the left channel is weaker than the right. If I set the balance at 9 O'clock I get a balanced soundstage but in the middle it's tilted right. The amp is pre owned while the pre is new. Can this be a break in issue that will correct itself? I checked and rechecked the connections repeatedly. Thanks for any input, Joe.


This is not a break in issue, but sounds like a bad volume control.

To be sure, swap cables to amp and see if channel problem moves also.

poor description + unhandled shipping by carrier and/or seller probably equates to poor condition preamp. 

My plinius sa100 xlr right channel is weaker after I over drive my Martin Logan request many yrs ago.Thinking maybe the fuse inside are the issue. Replaced the fuse still the same. But on rca no problem.I am not sure what’s the problem.

please clarify, you say the amp is pre-owned, i.e. it was/is your existing amp, worked properly, OR, you also just bought it used?

preamp is new, warranty?

cables/speaker wires: still using yours? worked properly previously? solid connections?

as mentioned, you can figure some stuff out by swapping l to r, at preamp, at amp, speaker wires from amp.

leave preamp balance control in the middle, what moves l or r, when, what changed,

my memory sucks I draw diagrams and write stuff down, things get confusing, you end up repeating things .....