Pre-amp out Question

I have a Spectral Pre-amp that I have yet to use. I want to test phono stage, but do not have a power amp, only an integrated.

The Spectral DMC10 has two pairs of outs. AC coupled and DC coupled.

Can I connect either of these to to my intergrated line in to test it out?

Thanks in advance....
So I have tested the pre and here's what I found. Keep in mind I have no dedicated power amp to try this out with.

Testing conditions:

I used Tape Out exclusively on the Spectral DMC10. I used a turntable & cd player as sources.


-Output Attenuation knob does nothing
-Balance does nothing
-Mono / Stereo switch does nothing
-Tape / Source levels do not exactly match each other

The phono stage on this is absolutly amazing considering what the rest of the system is composed of... I'm not sure if this unit needs servicing or the absence of the main outs is the issue.

I can send photos to anyone not familar with this unit....
Using the tape out effectively bypasses all of the controls that you have mentioned. But you regain those controls on the integrated amp IF you used a line input on it. If you went straight into the power amp of the integrated then you ust use the pre-amp's normal out to get control over those paraeters.

Bob P.