pre-amp with phono section

I am pondering on putting together the Linkwitz speaker.

The thing is I will need a pre-amp.

I am primarily a vinyl user, and have a whest 0.20 phono stage, and the Lavardin IT amp.

I am wondering if anyone can recommend a very good pre-amp that has an excellent phono stage.

I have considered:
Art Audio
Audible Illusions

It would be nice if the pre-amp has a headphone output as well.

I like the idea of a full-function pre-amp - so that's the route I will take.

I have either a Shelter 501 or Transfiguration Temper V cartridge at my disposal - though I will want one to favour the transfiguration.

Can you kindly give me your thoughts
You might also consider the Joule LAP. It works well with cartridges down to .35 mv output and is very quiet.
This is simple. Just have Stan Klyne build a preamp for you to your specifications with an on board phono section. This is all Klyne does is build world class preamps and his over thirty years in doing this has set him apart from other manufacturers. There is nothing like a Klyne preamp. Seldom seed for resale, speaks volumes about his preamps and their ability to reproduce music.