Pre-Recorded Reel To Reel Tape Recommendations

For Christmas, I purchased a fully restored Revox B77 Mk2 HS taped deck for myself. Looking for recommendations on pre-recorded tapes to purchase, that basically show off the superiority of this format. Your thoughts please.
I have more consumer oriented Teac X2000r, 4 track, auto reverse,

tons of pre-recorded tapes on eBay. I have bought over 500, sold over 150, no problems, they sound, amazingly for their age, great.

you have a professional recording deck. 3 heads, one direction, no reverse play, when one side is done, you take the tape off the right, flip it over, put it on the left to play the other direction of the tape.

Never saw one of yours, I think, others can confirm:

they have two varieties, which is yours?

2 track head, wider track type head, cannot play pre-recorded 4 track tapes. some very old pre-recorded 2 track stereo tapes exist, starting in 1956 (mono before that). however the content was for that generation, 2 track tapes played on a wide two track head, are the best sounding tapes I own,

you can play the old 2 track’s on a 4 track head, by boosting one channel’s volume and cutting the other channels volume, they do not cross the heads equally.

then 4 track tapes were developed, the content up to the 80’s. If you are young, you will not find much of the content of your youth. But, we all know, music of my generation was/is the best! (I'm 72).

4 track head, can play pre-recorded tapes (you flip as noted above)

your HS version has the faster/professional 15 ips speed as well as more common 7-1/2 ips. It does NOT have 3-3/4 ips.

So, if yours is 4 track head, you can buy and play pre-recorded 4 track stereo tapes 7-1/2 ips (not 3-3/4 which don’t sound as good anyway, but, to have something you cannot find, 3-3/4 is useful).
If you are willing to pay $300-$500 for each dub, I suggest you first upgrade to Studer. Your Revox is fine but..