Pre with phono to mate with Nuforce?

I'm helping my son set up a system that has a pair of NuForce 9SEs for amps...Paradigm Studio 100V3 speakers. Can you suggest a pre with a phono section? This is a starting system so we are not expecting the moon. Thanks in advance for your advice!
Ive used an Ear 834p it has tubes which can be a good option for a more relaxed sound with Nuforce amps.
Thanks for your suggestions. When looking around my area (Minneapolis) I came across someone selling a VTL 2.5 preamp. I'm really thinking a tubed pre, to tame the brightness of the Nuforces. Any opinions on the VTL...or other tubed preamps w/ a built in phono I should entertain?
How are you using the NuForces? Are they well broken in, and are you leaving them on all the time?

How much are you willing to spend on the pre? I was all set to recommend the Parasound Classic 2100 until you mentioned VTL. It still might be a good choice.
Johnnyb53: The NuForces are well broken in and are left on all the time. I'll look into the looks VERY affordable. Have you heard it before? Any particular characteristic of this pre jump out at you?