Preamp advice

Hi, I am quite new to this hobby.

I currently have a MC 275 mark 6, running with Klipsch La scalas and Sansui AU9900 as preamp. I know the MC tube  preamps are a dream machine to pair with the MC 275 but i need recommendations on any other non MC solid/ tube preamps which can be used with my setup.

Always grateful for your recomendations.

Thank you


@tubesound247 Your amp has balanced inputs so I would consider a balanced preamp as the amp itself will work better simply on that account.

If you consider going that direction, there is a balanced line standard known as AES48. This standard helps eliminate colorations due to the interconnect cable and has been in place since the inception of balanced line. A lot of balanced equipment in high end audio does not support the standard. If the standard is not supported by the equipment, two important benefits of balanced line operation are not realized: the first I explained, the second is immunity to ground loops.


I have seen a C20 for 3600 which i think is quite steep. Keeping things under 2 grands can be a good idea.

Will definitely check the Audio research preamp


Many people are underwhelmed with the sound of the MC275 because it has too little gain to sound its best with most preamps.  Its 20 db gain is a full 9 or 10 db less than most amplifiers.  

Get a tube preamp with higher than usual gain and you will be happy. I recommend the Cary Audio SLP 98 which has 20db gain, an awesome sounding preamp.  The higher gain will give the 275 a shot of energy and wake it up with life like dynamics and drive.   

I found this out with my 20db pass labs amp, it was a perfect match for my Cary SLP 05 preamp with 23 db gain.  Low gain amps thrive on higher gain preamps. 

The finrst preamp i have heard and i have heard many $10k and under 

The Linear Tube Audio is under5300 with discounts and all options