Preamp Advice for my System

I am considering changing the preamp in my system. I have a BAT-42KSE and have started to look for something different. How would you compare a Pass X1, Bryston BP-26, or Classe CP-800 to the BAT?  How are those 3 different from each other. The BAT sounds a little laid back to my ears. 
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The BAT-42KSE is a solid state preamp. It only has XLR outputs, but I connect my Bel Canto amps through a Paradigm crossover for my Paradigm Reference Servo 15 subwoofer. So, the connections go XLR to RCA at the crossover, then RCA to RCA at the Bel Cantos.  
I owned the BAT 42KSE and thought it was a real fine unit. I did not find it laid back as you are describing it. I was using it with Bryston 7B-SST and the speakers were Thiel SCS4 and previously Revel Salon1.

Maybe you should check out a different amp with the 42KSE. I sold mine due to down sizing and I knew I would miss the BAT, I did.
You should consider changing amp. But if you want to keep your Bel Canto Ref 1000 monoblock amps I would suggest getting a tube preamp. BAT makes great tube preamps. I would also look into the following tube linestage preamps : Audio Research, VTL, VAC, Lamm, Cary Audio, Rogue Audio, Primaluna, Frontier, Ayon.