Preamp choices:Short list

Ok so I want to transition to a truly balanced system. My current components are single ended only. I have 3 choices of pre's: BAT vk-42SE, BAT vk-23SE or Rogue RP-7. Are there any clear front runners? (Note the 42SE is older, carries risk of servicing?). Thanks
I have a Rogue rp 7 and really enjoy it    Not a real tubey or mushy sound.  Nice deep layered soundstage ,with just a hint of warmth , Upgrade the stock JJ tubes to a good NOS and you will be in good shape.
I can only compare to a Modwright Anniversery, MicroZotl2.0s, that I owned in the past but a clear 2 steps up the ladder from them. Think there may be a couple for sale right now. 3k seem to be the number on a previously owned unit
Take a look at the Atmasphere MP-3. Truly balanced design from beginning to end, in the same price range, and fully customizable by Ralph and crew.

I thought the LS100 had balanced outputs albeit not "true balanced"?
MicroZOTL preamp. Sells for about 4,500.00. I also have the Supratek Sauvignon and I like the MicroZOTL better.