Preamp Deal of the Century

If anyone is looking for a true "World Class" preamp at a very fair price..heed my advice. I just recieved a Supratek Syrah preamp that was hand built by Mick Maloney in Western Australia, and it is absolutely beautiful! This preamp is the best deal you will ever find. I would put it up against any preamp out there for both looks and sound. Price? $2500 for the Syrah (includes Killer Phono stage). Not into phono? Try the Chardonney line stage for $2100. Don't get me wrong, I am not associated with this company. I am just a very happy owner! This preamp is VERY dynamic, yet liquid. It conveys the sound of music better than any other preamp that I have ever heard! You can check out the Supratek website at www.

"world class" is a tall claim, what level of gear was used in the rest of the system to make this evaluation?

Anyone looking for a better umbilical for their Supratek for a really good price? For the second week in a row, Revelation Audio is running an auction here on Agon for a 0.5m cord. The title is "Upgrade for Cary, Supratek - Revelation Audio Labs umbilical power cable." The idea, however, is to participate but not to win, even if you need a different length. Yes, you read that right. PM and I’ll explain.

This site has extremely sensitive oversight. If you want more info about my last post, you can find me via head-fi.

My Cortese was shipped a few days ago,it's in the states,so hopefully by the end of the week I'll have it. Ordered the first week of March.

@skypop, I just received an early-vintage Syrah (line stage only) and is it superb. I don’t know if the Cortese is your first Supratek preamp, but if so you are in for a sonic realignment of what you thought was possible from a preamp.