Preamp Deal of the Century

If anyone is looking for a true "World Class" preamp at a very fair price..heed my advice. I just recieved a Supratek Syrah preamp that was hand built by Mick Maloney in Western Australia, and it is absolutely beautiful! This preamp is the best deal you will ever find. I would put it up against any preamp out there for both looks and sound. Price? $2500 for the Syrah (includes Killer Phono stage). Not into phono? Try the Chardonney line stage for $2100. Don't get me wrong, I am not associated with this company. I am just a very happy owner! This preamp is VERY dynamic, yet liquid. It conveys the sound of music better than any other preamp that I have ever heard! You can check out the Supratek website at www.

If black/Chrome is what you ordered then I stick with that choice. They are beautiful and I would not think of getting the natural wood version.

Please keep us posted

I contacted Mick and asked for a replacement black unit, holding on to this one in the meantime. No response yet and god knows how long that will take. The good news is that sound is not impacted at all and the preamp functions as intended.

Your temporment may effect how/what you listened to with the frustration of a long awaited product not arriving as intended but with that said what are your initial impression?