Preamp Deal of the Century

If anyone is looking for a true "World Class" preamp at a very fair price..heed my advice. I just recieved a Supratek Syrah preamp that was hand built by Mick Maloney in Western Australia, and it is absolutely beautiful! This preamp is the best deal you will ever find. I would put it up against any preamp out there for both looks and sound. Price? $2500 for the Syrah (includes Killer Phono stage). Not into phono? Try the Chardonney line stage for $2100. Don't get me wrong, I am not associated with this company. I am just a very happy owner! This preamp is VERY dynamic, yet liquid. It conveys the sound of music better than any other preamp that I have ever heard! You can check out the Supratek website at www.
Since the unit is custom made you should be able to specify what you want as far as line inputs. Mine has CD, Aux, FM, Tape Out and Tape In, with 2 RCA outputs and 1 XLR (special request).
Well, I've jumped on the Supratek train by ordering the Chardonnay with remote. The wait is pretty brutal, but at least allows me to plan way ahead financially! Hopefully, sometime in late July, I'll be sitting down to sweet new sound.

According to Mick, on my model and the Syrah, 4 sets of inputs and 2 sets of outputs are standard. I didn't ask about the tape loop.

Thanks for all the discussion here. It really helped with my decision.

I just asked Mick for an extra XLR output on my preamp, he said he will charged an extra $50 because it's more work than a regular RCA output. To me the $50 bucks is pretty much worth it.I can't wait 'till it's done.
That's it!! I think I am going to upgrade to the Cortese! The Chardonnay is so darn good that I must know what the Cortese is capable of!! So if anyone is interested in buying a Chardonnay (black with chrome) let me know and we can work somthing out... No rush because Mick has a long backlog. :(
Just ordered my Chardoney today. Can't wait. I just landed a new job today after many months of job search, so this is my well-deserved treat. Hopefully there are good upgrading times ahead.

By the way, has anyone considered (or better yet, listened to) the supratek power amps? Thanks Bwhite and others for sharing info about what looks like a wonderful product.