Preamp Deal of the Century

If anyone is looking for a true "World Class" preamp at a very fair price..heed my advice. I just recieved a Supratek Syrah preamp that was hand built by Mick Maloney in Western Australia, and it is absolutely beautiful! This preamp is the best deal you will ever find. I would put it up against any preamp out there for both looks and sound. Price? $2500 for the Syrah (includes Killer Phono stage). Not into phono? Try the Chardonney line stage for $2100. Don't get me wrong, I am not associated with this company. I am just a very happy owner! This preamp is VERY dynamic, yet liquid. It conveys the sound of music better than any other preamp that I have ever heard! You can check out the Supratek website at www.
Hi Clipsal. Congrats on the new Dual Cab. I am green with envy! The whole concept and circuit design of the new dual cab is truly brilliant IMO. While I am not familiar with the wiring arangement or the crossover interface of the Osbourn speaker system however.... I believe it would be advantageous for you to employ the 101D section of the supratek to operate at the 125 hz crossover point, whereby the 6H30 section of the preamp would handle the bass driver and sub system below that point. Is the Osborn sub modual self powered? You certainly will have a lot of hook up and/or wiring options open to you for configuring your system.... particularly if you are ever contemplating biamping at some point. Please keep me imformed as I am seriously contemplating a Supratek dual for my main rig. All the best on your endevour!....david
i'm not sure if anybody else has seen this, but i found an interesting interview between mick and a member (perhaps mod) at an aussie audio forum from march 2007. pretty good read.
I've just purchased a moderately used Supratek Chenin preamp, and WHOA! what a difference it made in my system. The sound is much better in all respects, and I was theretofore using a nice Counterpoint tube preamp, which sounded pretty good, but not THIS good. All I can say is, if you can afford one, get it! And if a phono section is not important to you, get the Chadonay. As for myself, I'm now saving up to upgrade to the Sauvignon Dual, which I read in reviews, is somewhat better (hard to imagine after auditioning the Chenin). When I first introduced it into my system, I said to myself, "Oh, Sweet Jesus", then I sat back in my easy chair and listened for five straight hours with an idiotic grin on my face.

Wow....hearing so much good things about Supratek, I just could not resist trying to get a Supratek preamp for my system. I am looking to change my P8 into a tube preamp.
I have narrowed my choices to the following:
Blue Circle BC3000
Modwright LS36.5
Supratek.....Sauvignon or Carbernet Single

Currently my system comprised the following:
Nuforce 9.02SE (waiting to upgrade to V2)
Nuforce P8 preamp
Northstar 24/192 DAC
Fremont Escalante (too bad it does not allow biamp)

What woud you guys suggest? Cabernet Single or Sauvignon. Would you guys suggest to also upgrade the caps to V-cap?

The V-Cap Teflons are the best thing out there right now. We find them more open, smoother and more detailed. Anytime you can get "smoother and more detailed" together you are on the right track.