Preamp for Aragon 808 mk.2 amp

Good afternoon,

I'm looking at upgrading my Aragon 28k mk.2 pre amp.  It's still a nice unit, maybe not as good as the amp, so looking at other pieces currently.  I have listed some options based on some forums, reviews, etc.  So far the list is:

Parasound Halo JC2 BP

Rogue Audio RP-7

Cary Audio CPA-1 (solid state)

These are all brand new pieces, so used is not what I'm looking for.  I'm also wanting a preamp that s balanced.        

Prices vary up to 5k which would be the max.  The rest of the system includes Dynaudio Excite 44 speakers, and all cables are WW Eclipse 8.  Power is from Shunyata Venom NR10 cords, PS8 & Defender.  .      


Any advice or history with the above selections would be welcomed and appreciated.  


Thank you in advance.  





What improvements are you looking for, and what sound characteristics are most important to you?

I'd go with the Parasound Halo and never look back.  It is hard to beat a John Curl preamp design.  They make rock solid amps and have good customer service.  And they are here in the USA, too.