Preamp for Bryston 4B SST2

I have the following system

Squeezebox Touch >> Metrum Octave DAC >> Benchmark DAC 2 Pre (analog inputs) >> Bryston 4B SST2 >> Dynaudio x12 (soon to be Revel f208)

The benchmark is out of my main system and simply sounds stunning in the system. The resolution, clarity and musical tonality it produces is amazing. I have a song by Avalon called El'Shaddai simply puts the vocalist and acoustic guitar right in the room and I use it as my number one reference song. This system needs a preamp with more that the two analog inputs of the Benchmark and must have a remote to control both source and volume.

Swapping out the benchmark with a the highly regarded Classe CP50 creates a beautiful tube like sound that sounds ok on some songs but totally ruins my reference song. It simply adds way too much warmth into a system that does not need warming up. The Metrum DAC provides all the richness and analog like tonality that the system needs.

Replacing the Benchmark with the Bryston B100 SST in preamp mode is much better then the Classe but still does not achieve the stunning clarity of the benchmark preamp. Even b100 preamp adds a bit of warmth to the sound that is simply not needed in this system.

The only Bryston pre that has a full function remote is the BP-17. Will this sound better then the pre in the B100? (Less warmth, more resolving and more clarity) It is based on the B135 so it is newer.,,

Other then that I don't know what my options are for a pre that will match the clarity of the Benchmark and have remote that controls sources and volume? Would the Rotel 1570 come close or is it not even in the same ball park?

Any ideas???

Thank you

Look at an Ayre K-5. It should be at least as good as any of the combo's you mention above, and most likely better. But you still have to listen to it first just to be sure.
I haven't heard the BP17 but James Tanner of Bryston on the AudioCircle Bryston pages inferred that the BP17 is a little laid back compared to the more expensive top of the line BP26. The BP26 has limited remote functions but, that aside, could be what you're looking for. I own a BP26 and can tell you it is not about warmth. It is about transparency and detail.
Thank you for your responses.

ZD542 - Did some reading on the Arye...would love to audition one.

TheDuke - I believe you may be correct... I am NOT looking for laid back...I want highly resolving detail which is I'm sure what the BP26 is all about. The BP-17 just may not provide that level of transparency. Not being able to switch sources is a very real limitation in my environment, however.

Has anyone compared the Bel Canto Pre3 compare to something like the Bryston BP26. How resolving and transparent is it?
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Thank you for your responses.

ZD542 - Did some reading on the Arye...would love to audition one."

No. I don't read equipment reviews. Any components I comment on are based on actual listening experience. On occasion, if I bring up something that I haven't listened to, I will state that in my post.
You might wanna consider the BP6. I use this little sucker with my 4BSST, and it comes relatively close to the BP26 at a lower price. I would definitely go out and hear one for yourself.
I agree, both the bp6 or the bp26 (I've owned both) would give you exactly the transparency and detail you seek, but neither control source via remote. I also agree that the BP6 is virtually indistinguishable from the BP26 for way less money. The BP6 is a steal.
I have had a Bryston BP-17 preamp in my system for about 15 months and have been very pleased with it. Bryston products have typically gotten positive reviews, but I think the BP-17 has gotten rather short shrift from the high-end audio press. Given the BP-17's excellent performance in my system (paired with the 4B-SST2 amp), its range of features, the 20 year warranty, and a very competitive price, I have no reservations telling someone to put this preamp on their "short list". I can't compare its sound to the BP-26 (don't have one, and too long ago to trust audio memory), but as James Tanner has commented, the BP-17 has much more current technology.
ZD542 - I meant "I" did some reading, not you!! :)))

Anyway, thank you all for your answers. Isn't the BP6 based on the preamp in the B60 SST - which is the same as the pre in the B100 SST? As I stated in my initial post, the B100 pre does not match the clarity of my Benchmark DAC2 PRE. It's close, but adds some warmth that viles the music ever so slightly compared to the Benchmark. My reference song that sounds fantastic throught the Benchmark still sounds good through the Bryston B100 pre, but not as good. Where I really notice the difference is the attack and bite of the steel guitar strings. The Benchmarks transparency is amazing.

For some, the benchmark might be too revealing but because of the rich, analog sounding DAC I am using (Metrum HEX and Octave) the sound is anything but dry and analytical. (However, the built in DAC in the benchmark does suck in my system for purely flat, dry and analytical)

I guess I really didn't know how good I had it. I'm now thinking that maybe I should just get another Benchmark and work around the limited analog input problem. I'm wondering if anything can really match the Benchmark DAC2 Pre???

if tubes re of interest- look no further than an ARC Ref5 SE. This will be your last pre-amp and is a sonic match for the Bryston power amp. Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
James Tanner told me the circuit in the BP6 is very similar to the BP26 with the main differences being the latter's outboard power supply and balanced connections, which would concur with Jaxwired's findings above. I have the BP6 also and agree with others that it is above all neutral, detailed, and transparent. Adding warmth is not in its DNA. I've not heard it, but I'm thinking the Benchmark may possibly be a little on the lean side, which is a combo that might just be working for your tastes and in the context of your system.

You don't mention what cable/interconnects you're using, but that could also be a part of the equation depending on what you have. Anyway, best of luck.
Isn't the BP6 based on the preamp in the B60 SST - which is the same as the pre in the B100 SST?

I believe so. I'm not 100 perecent sure, however. You might wanna double check with Bryston on that one.
I think the Benchmark could sound lean with some sources, especially many digital sources. I think a better word for it is transparent. If your source is lean your sound will be as well. Even though the benchmark is extremely transparent, it does not mess up the still sounds very musical.

I had forgotten about an ATC CA2 preamp I heard a few years ago. I was very impressed with the system sound (all ATC). I'm thinking it might rival the benchmark in transparency???

BTW, thank you for all your responses. I have eliminated Bryston from my list based on the reply's. Even though I know it I really good, It's not exactly what I'm looking for.
No problem. Sounds good. ATC makes killer stuff, not just speakers. All of it is top notch.